Have you Checked TASER Gun Prices?

Friday, May 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:40 PM

Have you checked TASER Gun prices, lately?  I’m not talking about actual TASER brand products like the C2.  These sell for the several hundred dollars.  They’re highly effective and I believe they’re truly worth the price.  But, I’m talking about non taser brand stun devices.

If you check TASER Gun prices, you’ll find you can find some for as low as $30 or so.  These weapons are certainly worth the price.  But, the ones I like are typically closer to $50-75.  For this price range, you can get quite a self defense weapon.  For instance, the Barracuda BC30 is easily within this price range.  And, this stun gun has been called one of the best stun guns by many.  Or, you can get a flashlight stun gun or stun baton from ZAP.  These weapons are of the highest quality construction and highly effective against attacks.  For just a little bit more, you can even get the ZAP stun cane which is a favorite of people who like to walk in areas where there are loose dogs.  Or, you can even get the PHAZZER Scorpion or Titan, both of which are also being called some of the best stun guns.


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