Don’t be a Dummy, use Fake Security Cameras, Too

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:42 PM

dummy security camerasMost people who want to add a home surveillance system to their home or business think they have to buy a huge camera system complete with many cameras.  And, of course, they can.  However, most people buy a small camera system and supplement the cameras with Dummy Security Cameras.

Here’s what I mean.  Most homeowners will buy a 4 camera system or an 8 camera system and put the cameras in locations where they are truly needed.  But, they will also buy a few dummy security cameras and position them around, too.  This way, they get the appearance of like an 8 or 12 camera system for just barely more than the cost of a system half that size.  These fake cameras cost only like $20 each and look just like the real cameras, so a burglar or vandal can’t tell which is which.  And, since they don’t really work, they install in just minutes.  A few screws and tucking in the fake cable is all it takes to have these fakes up in just a few minutes.  No running cable all over the place.  Some homeowners actually use ONLY the dummy cameras and never invest in the expensive equipment.  I don’t quite like to go that far, but of course, its your choice.


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