Police Get New TASER Gun

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:48 PM

I read an article the other day, but I forget which city or municipality it applied to.  Bottom line, the Police Department was announcing that they were upgrading from their previous TASER Gun to the new TASER Rifle.  I think this says a quite a bit about the quality and effectiveness of the TASER brand of products.

taser gun

I mean, first, law enforcement agencies everywhere have been carrying a TASER gun for years.  They believe in them and they trust their life with them.  And, now, in these difficult economic times when virtually all municipalities are cutting budgets just trying to make ends meet, this particular police department is investing in upgrading their entire department to the new TASER Rifle.  Would they be doing this if these weapons were only marginally effective?  I think not.  Find out today what makes the entire TASER line up so effective and worth the investment.  Your life may depend on it.



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