The Enforcer by Phazzer

Saturday, May 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:28 PM

phazzer enforcerThere are many people, even in today’s economy, who are wanting the best stun gun or self defense weapon.  And, time and time again, people are turning to the Enforcer by Phazzer.  This is truly an elite self defense weapon that most anyone would be proud to carry.  And, almost any would be attacker would be scared to see get pulled on them.

To start with, the Phazzer Enforcer is a projectile type of self defense weapon as it shoots electrodes up to 15 feet providing a bit of a safe distance between the attacker and the user.  But, this is just the beginning.  Most people don’t give credit to this next feature:  the Ultra Bright LED Light.  The light is so incredibly bright that by itself, it can disorient an attacker causing temporary blindness.  Don’t want to use the electrodes?  Replace the electrode cartridge with a Pepper Ball Cartridge and shoot Pepper Spray at your attacker.  You can even shoot Paint Balls at your attacker with Phazzer’s Paint Ball Cartridges.  All the cartridges, by the way, are interchangeable with the Phazzer Dragon.  And, this  is helpful, because many times a husband carries the Enforcer, while the wife carries the Dragon.  So, just one more added advantage.


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