TASER C2 Platinum Kit

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:28 PM

Taser has always been a recognized leader in the field of self defense weapons and with their releases earlier this year of their TASERtaser c2 platinum C2 Platinum Kit as well as their Gold Kit, they continue to lead the way.  One of the concerns that consumers have always voiced when they’d buy a TASER Gun, was that they wanted to test it so they knew they could shoot it and just get comfortable with it.  But, until now, there really wasn’t a way to do this without wasting an expensive TASER Cartridge.

The TASER C2 Platinum kit answers this need.  They have included, along with the TASER C2, in the color of your choice, several live cartridges along with a training cartridge, a target and a training manual, along with a nice carrying case.  Sales of the TASER C2 is up the first part of this year, partly due to all the increased crime around the country, but also partly due to the unique kits that TASER put together.  Both kits are great so check them out today!

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