Discreet Home Surveillance Systems

Monday, May 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:46 PM

discreet home surveillance systemsWhen it comes to home surveillance systems, many homeowners want discreet units, while still others want systems that are far from discreet.  I guess it all depends on your approach.

I mean, one of the best ways to prevent a home invasion or burglary is to have a home surveillance system that is boldly displayed so any would be burglar has no desire to break in.  But, still, many homeowners are wanting discreet home surveillance systems, either for the outside of their home and they don’t want their home to look like Fort Knox or for inside their home and they don’t want people inside to know they’re being watched.  So, both types make sense, I guess.  It just depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish.  For the outdoor security cameras, I personally like mine to stand out, not obtrusively or in an ugly manner, but still very visible.  I can make them look nice while still being visible.  So, my neighbors won’t be irritated by their appearance.

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