Top Selling TASER M26C

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:36 PM

TASer m26cMore and more orders each day are coming in for the TASER M26C.  I even just took an order for a police chief in the Midwest.  We’ll be sure to get his order filled as quickly as possible!  But, again, so many people are clamoring to get this very popular self defense weapon.  These non lethal weapons are great as they provide distance between an attacker and potential victim, they won’t kill anyone, yet they are highly effective.

The TASER M26C is the type of weapon that shoots electrodes up to 15 feet into a target.  The electrodes are connected to the handheld gun portion which delivers the “stun” down the wires and into the attacker.  The stun is delivered in pulses and lasts for several seconds.  The attacker usually falls to the ground and is useless for several minutes.  Even those who do not completely fall to the floor are still quite shaken up and confused to the point where they can’t think straight nor function properly.  If you haven’t checked out one of these units, you should.  The M26C is the middle level of  TASER models.

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