Need a TASER Gun?

Monday, May 2, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:25 PM

These days, crime has gotten so bad, that virtually all of us need some form of self defense protection even if just going out to the grocery store.  In virtually every metropolitan area of the US, crime rates are skyrocketing.  Its no wonder that sales of the TASER Gun are also skyrocketing.

And, from what I’m reading, it’s only going to get worse, much worse. Unemployment numbers from the Government are a farce.  Far more than 9% of our population is out of work.  Illegal Immigrants are pouring across our border like there’s nothing stopping them.  Inflation has only just begun and prices are expected to skyrocket.  All these things lead to an increase in crime as more and more people go hungry.  They need food and they’ll get food one way or another.  This is why we all need a TASER Gun or some form of self defense.  Its only going to get worse.

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