Like a Pink Stun Gun?

Friday, April 29, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:43 PM

You’d be surprised at how often people contact me looking for a pink stun gun.  Seriously, over 10% of our monthly sales are a pink stun gun.  There are several different models available, so people have a choice.

One of the most common pink ones we sell is the Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun.  This model is available in both black and pink, but thepink stun gun pink far outsells the black.  And, I have to admit, this is the unit that my wife carries when she goes out.  Also, the Phazzer Dragon is available in many colors, one of which is pink.  Additionally, the TASER C2 is available in many colors, including pink.  Now, don’t let the pink color fool you.  These are all still the same high quality stun guns that these makers have come to be known for.  They’ll all still drop an attacker to the ground, leaving them writhing in pain.  But, they just happen to be “lady-friendly”.  Check’em out!

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