Phazzer Titan

Thursday, April 21, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:03 PM

Holy Smoke!  If you want a complete self defense weapon, you need to consider the Phazzer Titan Stun Gun.  This thing is loaded with features and is easily on the list of best stun guns.

The Phazzer Titan is packed with 2.5 Million Volts of stun power. The high voltage is what makes this stun gun able to penetrate quite a bit of clothing.  But, what I really like about this unit is that it has a combination pin disable and incredibly loud personal alarm.  The pin disable feature is such that should someone rip the unit from your hand, the pin gets pulled and leaves the stun gun unable to shock anyone….so, it cannot be used against you.  But, also, immediately the 130 db personal alarm starts squealing.  To put 130db into perspective, most car alarms are only 120db.  So, imagine this thing calling out for help.   In addition to this, though, there is also an incredibly bright LED light that doubles as a flashlight or a disorienting flashlight to temporarily blind an attacker.  The built in battery and on board charger round out this unique stun gun as one of the most feature rich stun guns available.

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