Phazzer Scorpion

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:51 PM

I like the Phazzer Scorpion so much, I bought one for my wife and she carries it with here where ever she goes.  She’s pretty proud of it, too.  Its always sticking out of her purse just enough where people can see it and where she can get to it easily if she needs it.

The Phazzer Scorpion is a great stun gun from Phazzer.  Its packed with 3 million volts of stun power, which is enough to penetrate quite a bit of clothing.  And, the stun gun has a built in personal alarm and a pin disable feature.  So, if someone rips the unit from her hand, the pin pulls out leaving the stun gun unable to stun anyone, but immediately begins to scream.  The unit also has a built in LED light that is bright enough to cause some short term blindness if shone into the eyes of an attacker in the dark.  Finally, the unit has a built in, rechargeable battery and it has its plug built directly into the unit.  So, you won’t have to go searching for the AC cord when you need to charge it.  This unit is highly recommended.

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