Phazzer Enforcer

Monday, April 18, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:24 PM

Are you looking for a projectile shooting stun device?  You know, the type like the TASER brand products that actual shoot electrodes a distance to hit the attacker rather than having to make direct contact?  Well, the Phazzer Enforcer might just be one you want to consider rather than just defaulting to a TASER gun.

The Phazzer Enforcer is shaped like the TASER X26C and similar to the M26C, but its a little smaller.  Like the TASER products, the Enforcer shoots electrodes up to 15′ to provide a safe distance from an attacker.  And, it can also be used as  direct contact stun gun should the attack come close.  Additionally, the Enforcer has an incredibly bright LED light that will literally disorient an attacker if its dark out.  But, what makes the Enforcer unique is the selection of cartridges available.  Of course, there are electrode cartridges; but, there are also pepper ball cartridges and paint ball cartridges.  Check out the Enforcer today.

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