Barracuda: Quality Stun Guns

Monday, April 18, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:57 PM

I love it when I find something that’s really good.  Barracuda Stun Guns are REALLY GOOD.  I say this, not only because I’ve had many of them in my hands and I know how they perform, but because of a talk I had recently.

In speaking with one of the principals of the company who owns Barracuda Stun Guns, I told him I sell many stun batons and was wondering if Barracuda would be releasing a stun baton anytime soon.  His response was that he felt a real stun baton should be at least 16 inches long and 1 million volts.  He hasn’t been able to find a manufacturer who could build the stun baton he wanted with those specs, but more importantly that could deliver the quality that had to be there for him to put the Barracuda name on it.  This conversation communicated to me how devoted those guys are to producing only quality stun guns.  And, that, my friend is what should really count!

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