The Stun Pen

Saturday, April 16, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:18 PM

There are a few different models of a stun pen available on the market today.  But, generally, none are exactly what people are thinking when they go to look for one.  You see, most people think a stun pen is some type of stun device that is in the shape of an actual writing pen.  But, unfortunately, this is not  the case.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Stun Pens are really cool products that are highly effective in stopping an attacker in their tracks.  Most often, just a simple test fire into the air in the direction of someone who is threatening an attack is all it takes to make them back off and leave you alone.  One popular model is the Stun Master 1.2 Million Volt Stun Pen with Flashlight.  1.2 Million Volts is quite a lot and will penetrate quite a bit of thick clothing.  The voltage delivers the stun to the attacker dropping them on the ground.  Stun Pens are just a little big bigger than what most people are expecting, but they are still small enough to be considered a mini stun gun.  Check’em out.

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