Bear Mace on Sale

Friday, April 15, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:46 PM

I recently loaded up on a few cans of Bear MACE.  It was on sale and not only we going to the Grand Canyon later this month, but we also have a cabin in the Arizona Mountains.  Anyone who lives in mountainous, woods, near rivers or streams, where bears are known to be really cannot afford to be without Bear MACE or some type of product designed to repel attacking bears.

Each year, as man creeps further and further into lands previously occupied only by wild animals, more and more bear attacks and encounters occur.  Most people think it could never happen to them.  However, while I’ve not seen a bear in the wild, I have seen a Mountain Lion.  And, let me tell you, once you’ve seen one wild animal like this, you realize you could easily see another. And, one bad encounter is all it would take. You can’t afford to take any chances so prepare today.

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