Using Son as Shield from TASER Gun

Thursday, April 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:50 PM

Well, how about that?  Isn’t that a lovely headline?  It seems that a lady in the upper Midwest was arguing with her boyfriend at his work about her $5 bag of weed!  Okay.  And, when the Police came, she got defensive and argumentative.  The police pulled their TASER Gun and the lady pulled her 5 year old son in front of her to shield herself from the TASER Gun.  Gee, thanks Mom!

What a bunch of crap.  But, what it tells me is that people, even without being hit with a TASER, respect them.  She knew right away she didn’t want to get zapped with one.  And, she knew the Police would do it if they had to.  How’d you like to be her boyfriend?  Showing up at his work, hassling him about her $5 bag of weed, probably getting yelled at by his boss while customers were around, Police showing up and wanting to bust you for your weed, your girlfriend using her child as a human shield from a TASER.  Ain’t America Great?

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