Pepper Spray at the Mall

Thursday, April 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:41 PM

The other day while I was at the mall, I saw security guards spraying a guy with pepper spray.  While it was a bit nerve-racking, afterwards it kinda made me smile.  I mean, I could tell the guy was harassing someone so he obviously deserved to get sprayed with the pepper spray.  And, to see him squirm like he did when that stuff hit him created an image that I’ll not soon forget.

If you don’t carry MACE or some form of self defense weapon, you may want to go ahead and make your pepper spray purchase soon.  Seriously, don’t wait.  I hear all too often of people who were “going to place an order” or worse, they own a weapon but “just didn’t have it on me that day” when they really needed it.  You may not be going to actually be mugged or raped, you may just have a nasty encounter where someone just wants to fight or harass you.  And, having pepper spray is easy to keep with you, but as I saw first hand, highly effective.

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