Are You Buying Pepper Spray?

Monday, April 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:47 PM

Are you buying Pepper Spray?  If so, you may be surprised to learn all the various pepper spray products available.  Most people know all about the keyring pepper spray dispenser, but beyond that, there’s a whole world of choices.

If you’re buying pepper spray, you’re apt come across multiple brands:  WildFire Pepper Spray, Sabre Pepper Spray and of course, MACE.  You’re apt to find many different formulae.  For instance, in addition to the “stream” spray that most people know, there is now also a fogger formula and the newest is a gel.  The gel pepper spray is really bad to get on you, because if you do, your first inclination is to wipe it off, which only smears it making the burn even worse.  The gel is good, because its not affected by winds as much as the others.  And, finally, you’re apt to find many sizes and shapes. The MACE Pepper Gun is one of my favorites.  But, there’s also the MACE Baton, too.  And, sizes up to 1 pound are available.  Also, you’ll find Bear MACE.  So, no matter what you’re needing, you’ll find plenty to choose from.

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