Flashlight Stun Gun, Light and Protection

Friday, April 8, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:55 PM

There are a lot of really good and cool self defense weapons on the market to consider.  And, one that I’m a big fan of is a flashlight stun gun.  I mean, if you think about it, the time of day when you probably most need protection (not that you might not need at it any point of day) is at night when its dark.  And, by combining a flashlight and a stun gun, you’re able to arm yourself with one product that can pull double duty by lighting your way to safety.

Flashlight stun guns are available in many sizes, shapes, brightnesses and voltages.  While I have not seen any that I would not want, the two that are my most favorite are ZAP Brand.  The ZAPL Flashlight Stun Gun is an incredibly bright LED Flashlight in a heavy duty aluminum casing that just screams quality.  And, its packed with a 1 million volt stun system for protection its user.  The ZAP Stun Baton is really a stun baton, that also incorporates a small, but highly effective LED flashlight.  Its also packed with a 1 million volt stun system for protection.  These are both truly great weapons and tools.

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