TASER C2 -vs- Phazzer Dragon

Thursday, April 7, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:12 PM

There’s a battle raging in the self defense product world and only time will tell if the Phazzer Dragon will overtake the TASER C2 as the most popular projectile type stun gun designed for the masses.  Let’s compare:

The TASER C2 and the Phazzer Dragon are very similarly styled in terms of how you hold them.  However, while most people don’t notice much difference,  a select few say they prefer the TASER C2 as being just a tad easier to hold.  They are both available in a multitude of colors.  Now, for the technical aspects, the Phazzer Dragon seems to have the edge.  First, the Phazzer Dragon’s electrode cartridge is loaded with wires and barbs that shoot out.  And, Phazzer has a unique coiling approach that keeps their wires from tangling as much as TASER’s.  And, as you might imagine, tangled electrodes don’t hit targets.  Also, the Phazzer Dragon has an on-board rechargeable battery that will last for hundreds of firings.  But, the TASER C2 has its exclusive power cartridge that is good for only about 50 firings or so, before it has to be replaced. They’re not cheap.  So, while the TASER name is more widely known, given enough time, marketing dollars and happy customers, the Phazzer Dragon may just overtake the TASER name.

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