Using Bear Mace

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:27 PM

Most people think that if they encounter a bear and they have Bear Mace on them, they should just immediately spray the bear mace at the bear, then run like heck.  And, while that’s certainly an understandable plan of action, its not really the best plan for most scenarios.

You see, bears are just like other animals on this planet.  We are all out do whatever we set out to do that day.  Maybe they set out for food, you know berries, fish, etc, or maybe they set out exercise their cubs, but whatever.  Then you happened along and your paths cross.  Just because this encounter occurs doesn’t mean that the bear is angry and ready to attack.  Many times, rather than highly irritating the bear and causing them to believe all humans are bad and should be attacked, experts advise that a person coming into a bear encounter like the one desribed, should begin, if at all possible, by throwing rocks in the direction of the bear and yelling.  Perhaps these actions will scare the bear off to safety.  If they don’t work and if the bear begins approaching the person should then use the Bear MACE in self defense.  I advise you to read more on the subject as there is only so much that can be covered on these couple of paragraphs.

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