MACE Pepper Spray

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:07 PM

Quick….take a guess….how many different products would you think are made by MACE Pepper Spray.   10? 15? 20? 5?  Try 24 different Mace brand Pepper Spray products.  I’m not even adding in their other products like personal alarms and such.  MACE has really done a great job of “owning” the self defense spray market.

Not only do they have numerous different pepper spray formulae for different states and different applications, they also have different dispensers.  One of my favorite MACE Pepper Spray products is the  MACE Gun.  This thing is quite impressive.  Try walking through the park at night with one of these in your hand and see if anyone wants to mess with you.  I’m also a fan of the MACE Screecher personal alarm, too.  Oh, and  the MACE Baton is a pretty cool item, too.  So, from pepper spray to other various products like personal alarms, MACE is really the leading company defining what products will be available to us.  Other companies, while still good, seem to follow MACE’s lead.

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