Telescopic Steel Batons

Monday, April 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:58 PM

I’ve got a little bit of advice for you:  Be Prepared.  Okay, that’s really from the Boy Scouts, but it’s good advice, none the less, right?  Of course.  And, with crime as bad as it is these days, you really DO need to be prepared.  In both of my family vehicles, we keep a telescopic steel baton (some people call them “expandable steel batons”).  In the car which my wife normally drives, we keep a 21″ Steel Baton.  And, in my pick up, we keep a 26″ Steel Baton.

I like these guys because when they’re not in use, they slide inside themselves and shrink to a much smaller size for easy stowage.  And, when you need them, you give them a quick flick of the wrist and they extend out to their described length.  These batons ARE made of steel, so they’ve got a nice weight to them.  Swing one in the air and you know that if you WERE to hit someone across the head or back with one, they’d certainly wish they hadn’t been hit.

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