A Stun Pen is not a Pen

Thursday, March 31, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:45 PM

There’s a common misperception that a stun pen is like a writing pen, but it also has a stun device built in.  That’s unfortunate, because many people begin their search for a selfdefense weapon, only to find out what they thought they wanted is not what they wanted at all.

You see a stun pen is merely a mini stun gun of sorts.  It is small and highly effective and they usually have a flashlight or superbright LED built into them.  But, they’re much fatter and longer than a traditional writing pen.  So many people are thinking a stun pen is like a writing pen that is really a disguised stun gun.  But, that’s simply not the case.  So, hopefully, this message will clear that up a little.  Stun Pens are still very awesome products, its just that don’t look anything like a writing pen and so they’re not really in disguise.

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