A Stun Gun on your Knuckles

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:33 PM

A really cool self defense weapon that is available is the ZAP Knuckles Blaster.  This is a 950,000 Volt set of Stun Gun Knuckles.  They are not brass knuckles, but they still pack quite a punch.  One thing that’s really great about them is how easy they are to carry.  In fact, joggers, walkers, runners and all outdoor exercise buffs really like them, as they fit so nicely into a clinched hand.

Another great thing about these stun gun knuckles is that when they’re carried this way, anyone nearing you can easily see that you’re protecting yourself with this great weapon.  And, if you have to, you can easily shoot a test fire into the air to let an attacker or mugger KNOW how much power is in your hand.  Usually, the mere sound alone, is enough to prevent an all out attack.  But, you’ll rest assured knowing that you have to make full contact, you’ll have the power to back  it up!

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