Reminder about the New TASER C2 Kits

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:27 PM

In January, TASER launched new kits for their ever popular TASER C2.  They launched both the Platinum Kit and the Gold Kit, as well as creating their Basic Kit.  So, be sure and check them out when you’re shopping. 

No longer can you purchase just a TASER C2.  Taser has packaged the C2 into kits with varying amount of accessory products.  I think its great, because one of the things they’ve added is a “test” cartridge and target.  This way, when people get their new TASER Gun, they can fire a test, so they get comfortable with how it works, which increases the owner’s confidence AND the owner still has a real cartridge left over to use for actual self defense protection.  The C2 Platinum Kit has a few more goodies than the Gold Kit.  And, the Basic Kit is barebones and only offers the Black C2, while the other kits offer the choice of colors.

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