Fight Crime with Stun Guns and TASERS

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:16 PM

Okay, here’s the deal:  crime is horrible.  I know, you’re thinking “he had to tellme that?”.  But, that’s only half the story.  The full story is that its going to get much, much worse.  Did you get that?  Much, much worse!  Not just a little.

I’m not trying to be a chicken little here, but my Financial Advisors, who are very good, are saying we’re within months of the dollar crumbling.  It will no longer be the world’s reserve currency.  Why?  Because we’re killing the value of it by printing the crap out of it.  Supply and Demand.  Too many dollars means they’re worthless.  So?  Once this happens, our society will shut down.  The price of oil, and anything that relies on oil to ship it to a store, is going to skyrocket for the US.  Hyper Inflation will hit.  What does this mean to you?  It means very few will be able to buy food, to feed our familes, to eat.  And, when we get hungry enough, we’re gonna go right out and take whatever we want from whomever has it.  Whether you’re looking into stun guns and TASERs or pepper spray and steel batons, simply do not wait.  Get’em now!

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