A Big Ol’ TASER Gun

Monday, March 28, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:39 PM

Crime and violence world wide continues to skyrocket.  Look around.  I have to say that even I have a level of fear that I’ve never had in my life.  Riots and Chaos in the Middle East.  Japan falling apart at the seams.  Drug Smuggling along our border with Mexico.  Unemployment and underemployment at an all time high.  People are freaking out.  And, once the chaos comes to the US, which it will, you better be prepared.

I had one guy say he “wanted a Big Ol’ TASER Gun” to protect himself with.  Steel batons are flying off our shelves.  Pepper Spray and MACE is getting harder and harder to keep in stock.  People know that “IT” is coming and they are starting to ramp up.  People are beginning to stock pile food, guns, ammo and water.  According to my Financial Advisors, the crumble of the dollar is closer than you might think.  And, once it crumbles, all Hell will break loose here.  Don’t wait….

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