Joggers Love Stun Gun Knuckles

Monday, March 21, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:10 PM

People who exercise have special needs.  And, whether you’re a jogger, runneror walker, you still need self defense protection.  Many people have found that stun gun knuckles are perfect for providing self defense protection for anyone who regularly gets out and runs or walks.

You see, usually runners or joggers have their hands clinched or at least curled as they’re moving.  And, Stun Gun Knuckles fit nicely into those clinched hands.  The safety button and trigger are in the perfect placement so that if you’re running and someone approaches you to attack you or mug you or whatever, you can quickly let them know you’re armed with a very powerful self defense weapon.  Show them a couple of quick test fires and they’ll most likely turn and leave you alone.  Then, you can get to the cops and let them know what happened.  Check out these amazing self defense weapons if you are an exercise enthusiast.

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