A SuperBright Flashlight Stun Gun

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:51 PM

When we go out for a walk in the evening, since we live in a rural section of the Arizona Desert, we always like to take a flashlight with us.  There are no street lights out here and it can get very dark, very quickly.  But, we don’t just take any old flashlight.  We take our super bright flashlight stun gun with us.

We take the Flashlight Stun Gun with us, as opposed to just an ordinary flashlight, because out here, not only can dogs be upon you quickly and without much warning, Javelina and even Bear can be upon you in a relatively quick amount of time.  Of course, there’s also always the chance that some pervert is lurking wanting to attack or mug us.  And, especially with the animals, a quick test fire of the stun gun portion of the flashlight is usually enough to send the animals on their way.  They can really sense the electrical charge in the air when the test fire is done and they freak out.  Test fire a stun gun around your dog and watch as they tremble.

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