All sorts of Personal Security Alarms

Monday, March 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:30 PM

There are numerous types, sizes and brands of personal security alarms available.  And, its a good thing.  Crime continues to skyrocket all across the nation and as the economy continues to worsen, you can pretty much expect crime to continue to worsen.

Good Personal Security Alarms have several features that make them ideal.  One such feature is a loud siren.  Be careful as you select your security alarm, as there are a few models out there that just aren’t very loud.  Oh, yeah, the packaging says they’re loud, but they’re not.  For point of reference, most good quality car alarms have 120db sirens.  Anything less than this in a personal security alarm is just not loud enough.  I know of  a couple of models that are 130db…NOW THAT’S LOUD!  The next important feature is one that addresses where you will store or carry your personal alarm.  On the end of a keychain is good, because that’ll probably be in your hand as you walk across a dark parking lot.  Give some thought to this as keeping it nearby is critical if you’re attacked.

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