Maybe even a Stun Pen

Friday, March 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:33 PM

I read an article this morning on our local newspaper website that was talking about an underground tunnel that was found in February in Nogales used by drug traffickers and illegal immigrants.  I don’t remember the actual numbers, but the report said how many illegal immigrants enter through Arizona each year and the number was staggering.

Now, I’m just as fair as any average American.  And, while many of the people crossing the border are good, hard working people looking for a break, it only takes a small percentage to be of criminal intent to cause problems for me, my family and my neighbors.  Toss into the mix, the drug traffickers who are definitely of criminal intent and all the makings of bad consequences exist.  I have to recommend to everyone in this area that they protect themselves.  It doesn’t matter if its a handgun, stun gun, TASER gun or even a small stun pen, the self defense weapon needs to be handy.

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