A Bear and MACE

Thursday, March 10, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:03 PM

Ever been out hiking in the woods or mountains or around a lake and let your imagination get the better of you?  You know, like maybe a bear is around the next bend of the trail and wonder what you would do?  Well, if that situation were to happen, you better have some bear mace on your backpack or you could be seriously in trouble.

Increasingly, bear attacks and encounters are becoming more and more commonplace.  Man has encroached upon so much of the bears’ native habitat that they have no choice.  As mankind, we’re out everywhere.  Turn a corner and BAM! there one is.  If you’ve got a can of bear mace strapped to your backpack, though, not only do you stand a much better chance of getting away unharmed.  But, you also stand a chance of being of being a little more rational and thinking quickly and smartly to get yourself safely out of the situation.  In other words, you won’t be panicking.

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