Searching for TASERS for Sale

Thursday, March 10, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:54 PM

Are you searching for TASERS for sale?  Many people are.  But, to be clear, stun guns and TASERS are different things.  A TASER is a particular brand of stun device that shoots electrodes into an attacker and delivers a stun to them.  A stun gun requires direct contact with two small probes on the weapon which deliver the stun.

But, if you are looking for TASERS for sale or stun guns for sale, don’t overlook the PHAZZER brand of stun guns and stun devices.  They offer both styles.  The Phazzer Dragon is a direct rival to the TASER C2 and the Phazzer Enforcer is a direct rival to the TASER M26C.  Phazzer also  offers other models like the Scorpion, the Titan and the Talon, all of which are high quality direct contact stun guns.  They also have the Phazzer Hornet, which is undergoing a redesign.  The Hornet will also be a shooting type of stun device like the Dragon and Enforcer.  But, the price point is expected to be even less, so more people will be able to afford this type of technology.

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2 Responses to “Searching for TASERS for Sale”

  1. Master S says:

    Does any one know when will the Phazzer hornet be available again from Phazzer?

  2. SmartStun says:

    Per Phazzer, they hope to have it available by July 2011. You can email at [email protected] and they’ll add you to their waiting list. They’ll notify you by email once the Hornet is available.

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