Stun Guns and TASERS, Oh MY

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:52 PM

Sales of Self Defense Products are skyrocketing all across the nation.  I’m notsurprised, because what’s driving it is two things.  One is that crime is skyrocketing all across the nation.  The other is that riots in Europe, the MidEast and Africa are reportedly going to be coming to America before the end of this year.  That’s not just me talking.  That’s coming from financial experts I know.

Stun Guns and TASERS, Pepper Spray and MACE, Batons and Knives….all these products are starting to be a little more difficult to come by.  Products are selling out much quicker than they used to.  But, back to the point above.  One financial advisory service I subscribe to says that once European Countries have defaulted on their bonds, the US will do the same.  Its called the Sovereign Debt Crisis and it is expected to arrive here.  Once it does, many more people than now will be out of work and hungry.  Hunger and lack of money causes many things, one of which is a huge amount of crime that we’ll need to protect ourselves against.  So, check out stun guns and tasers, pepper spray, mace, whatever…

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