Stun Gun Knuckles for Joggers

Friday, March 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:10 PM

Many joggers, walkers, runners and overall exercise gurus find that theyneed some form of self defense weapon while they’re out exercising.  And, whether they’re seeking protection from a personal attack or mugging or they’re seeking protection from an attacking dog, which is all too common, stun gun knuckles are, quite often, the self defense weapon of choice.

You see, not only are these stun gun knuckles a real stun gun weapon which can be used to scare off an attacker or an attacking dog, but they are easy to carry.  They fit so nicely into a gripped hand, like the hand of a runner, that they are super easy to carry.  And, with how the buttons are located, the unit can be activated in literally just a second.  Finally, just a quick test fire into the air is usually enough to scare off any dog, no matter their size.  The shock electrifies the air and the dogs really sense it.

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