Mace Pepper Spray

Thursday, March 3, 2011
posted by SmartStun 11:49 AM

One brand of pepper spray is MACE Pepper Spray.  MACE has been around for decades, has been used by law enforcement agencies all around the world and comes in many formulae and shapes and sizes of dispensers.  You can certainly find the pepper spray product you desire just by looking into the MACE Brand Product Line.

Some of the most popular dispensers or sprayers of mace pepper spray are the pepper gun and the pepper baton.  People like them, partly because of the novelty of the product.  But, keep in mind, they are both filled with MACE Pepper Spray.  So, the level of protection and security that is being sought is in the product.  But, these units are popular because they also offer double duty.  For instance, the MACE Pepper Gun is more likely to prevent an attack just because its so visible and ominous that any attacker is going to think twice.  And, the Pepper Baton is able to used to gouge eyes or attack pressure points.

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