Wanna Find the Best Stun Gun?

Friday, March 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 11:43 AM

Chances are, if  you are on this site, then you are searching for a self defense weapon or at least information about a weapon.  And, if you’re searching for a weapon, then you’re possibly wanting to know which is the best weapon, specifically, if you’re searching for stun guns, you’re wanting the best stun gun.

Well, the best stun gun, quite honestly, is the one that keeps your or your loved ones from getting hurt in the event of an attack or mugging.  While many people search to find the most effective stun gun when used, which is sensible, they may not give much thought to actually preventing an attack.  What I mean is this, something like a stun baton, which readily says you are armed and shouldn’t be messed with is going to be more effective at preventing an attack, than, say, a cell phone stun gun that is discreet.  They are both as effective at shocking the crap out of someone, but one is much more effective, in my opinion in preventing the attack in the first place.  So, give this some thought.

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