A Stun Gun Flashlight and a Boy

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:30 PM

People need to be careful.  Sometimes they tend to take too casual of an approach to things just because they’ve become somewhat accustomed to them.  But, stun guns and such are considered Self Defense Weapons.  As such, care need to be taken with them.

The newspaper headline read:  Shocking Discovery Sends Boy to ER.  Turns out he was fine.  But, he’s lucky.  It seems that a 7-year old boy in a nearby town found a flashlight in his home and was playing fort in his room.  Since it was a little dark, he decided to use the flashlight.  Well, the flashlight, it turns out, was actually a flashlight stun gun.  He accidentally, stunned himself with 1 million volts.  Fortunately, since these are non lethal weapons, he is fine.  The ER visit was merely a precaution.  But, my goodness, people let’s think and protect our families.  Whether its a stun gun or pepper spray or something else, don’t let kids get into things they don’t fully understand.

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