A Big Can of Bear Mace

Saturday, February 26, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:16 PM

The article had the headline of:  “Another Bear Encounter”.  Fortunately, itdidn’t say there was an actual Bear Attack.  But, in reading the article, there certainly could have been.  Fortunately, the person involved had what was described as a “Big Can of Bear Mace“.  I bet they’re glad they didn’t have some wimpy little container.

In summary, the article said these hikers were out and happened upon a bear.  The bear immediately began approaching them even though they made loud noises and threw sticks and such.  The bear was within 20 feet when it began to growl and show teeth.  One of the hikers laid into their can of bear spray, emptying the “big can of bear mace” on the bear.  Before it was empty, one hiker was already running away.  Once the can was fully empty, the other hiker took off, never looking back.  They have no idea the full effect of the Bear Mace onto the attacking bear…..and they “don’t really care”.

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