The Popular TASER C2

Friday, February 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:07 PM

TASER is well known for making some of the best self defense weapons on the market today.  And, one of their models is the TASER C2.

The TASER C2 was designed for those people who want and need the best protection available, but don’t want to carry a huge gun looking device like the bigger TASER models.  So, the TASER C2 fits nicely into the hand of the user and is available in several colors to make it seem a little more “friendly” and not so overwhelming to its user.

And, now, TASER has begun offering the C2 in packages which I think are very cool.  Previously, when you bought your TASER, you really didn’t have any way to test it or practice with it without having to buy more stuff.  Well, the TASER Gold Package and the TASER Platinum Package answer this need by providing extra cartridges and even a test target to shoot at.  If you’re wanting the best in self defense weapons but don’t want a huge thing to carry around, check out the C2 today!

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