Blinding an Assailant

Thursday, February 17, 2011
posted by Stunning-Defense 8:46 AM

Not everyone is comfortable carrying pepper spray or pulling the trigger on a stun gun. If you’re wary of getting physical with a potential assailant, try using a self defense strobe flashlight. When a stranger is following you or you see a suspicious person approaching from a distance simply flick the flashlight on and point it in their direction. The flashing strobe light will disorient your attacker giving you enough time to make your getaway.

A flashlight stun gun, though useful for personal safety, can be used for other purposes. The flashlight can be used to illuminate a dark path or finding your keys inside your purse. Two notes of caution. First, don’t stare directly into the light as this can cause damage to your eyes. Second, if you have epilepsy strobe lights have been known to trigger seizures.

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