Light your Way with a Flashlight Stun Gun

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:48 PM

If you regularly walk at night in areas where you want some self defense protection, you should check out a flashlight stun gun.

A flashlight stun gun is just that, a stun gun that has a flashlight built into it.  There are many types, brands and sizes available.  Some look just like a real flashlight, like th ZAP 1 Million Volt Flashlight Stun Gun.  Others look like stun guns, but have super bright LED Flashlights integrated into them, like the Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun.  It’s LED Flashlight is so bright that it can cause temporary blindness in an attacker if shone directly into their eyes.  Now, that’s bright!

You can even find stun batons that also have flashlights integrated into them.  The ZAP 1 Million Volt Stun Baton, which is incredibly comfortable to hold, has a very bright LED flashlight integrated into it.  And, ZAP’s latest release, the ZAP Stun Cane, is a fully functioning cane that has 1 million volts of stun stopping power and a super bright LED flashlight built into it.  So, you have plenty of choices to find the best flashlight stun gun for you.

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