Stun Guns and TASERS are Cool

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:26 PM

I enjoy my work very much.  I think stun guns and TASERs are cool and I love working with people helping them get the protection and security they deserve.

These days, there are so many different stun guns and TASERs to choose from, customers should also be able to enjoy shopping for their self defense weapon.  Whether they want one with a flashlight built in or one shaped like a fully functioning cane that can also keep dogs away, they can surely find one they like.

Or, if they want a pink stun gun, they’re available.  Several manufacturers offer pink ones.  Voltages can range from 100,000 volts up to 5 million volts and more.  The voltage is what penetrates thick clothing and such.  While the amperage, which is generally around 3 milliamps or so, is what enters the muscles causing them to spasm and fatigue, dropping the attacker to the ground in pain.

If the customer wants a baton to double as a beating weapon or a mini stun gun to discretely slip into their pocket, there are many choices available. 

So, like I say, I enjoy my work with stun guns and TASERS.

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