You Can’t Write with a Stun Pen

Monday, February 21, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:04 PM

No, you can’t write with a stun pen, but you can shock the heck out of someone with one.  Which of course is exceptionally handy if they’re attacking or mugging you.

Carrying a stun pen is easy because they’re small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, coat pocket or purse.  You can also store them on car’s visor.  Since they’re so small and easy to carry, you can almost always have it with you.  So, if you are confronted by an attacker or mugger and the cops aren’t around, pull out your self defense weapon, do a test fire to warn the attacker, assuming there’s time, and if they don’t back off, ram it into them while pressing the button.  Hold it on them for 3-5 seconds while they drop to the ground.  Run away!

Pretty simple, huh?  But, even though they’re so cool, you still can’t write with them.

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