Looking for a TASER for Sale?

Saturday, February 19, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:39 PM

With crime being what it is these days, it seems that many people are looking for a TASER for Sale or Mace or stun guns or some other self defense weapons.

Just be aware that when you’re looking for a TASER for sale that you consider what it is exactly that you need to protect yourself from a horrible crime.  A nice feature of TASERS is that they shoot electrode projectiles up to 15′ into your target, which then deliver the electric pulse that incapacitates them.  Most likely, they’ll be dropped to ground to be left writhing in pain.

Compare this to a traditional stun gun that only offers direct contact stun protection.  So, in this case, you will definitely have to be much closer to your target in order to drop them.  But, many times, a test fire into the air is sufficient warning to the mugger or attacker which will cause them to take off and leave you alone.

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