Stun Guns and TASERS

Friday, February 18, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:25 PM

I love to read the newspaper each day.  Well, sort of.  Sometimes it just depresses me.  All the crime and bad things going on is continuing to skyrocket.  But, of course, this is good for the business of selling stun guns and TASERS.

You see, as the headlines increase in frequency each day about how thisperson or that person got shot or has been arrested for fighting, it causes people to think “Wow, maybe I need to get protection for myself or my loved ones”.

And, when they do this, many times the thought process turns to considering stun guns and TASERS, pepper spray or MACE, and other self defense weapons.  So, of course, business is good when crime is bad.  But, its still kind of a drag.  I mean, on the one hand I’m helping people protect themselves and feel secure.  But, on the other hand I’m feeding off their fear.  Just seems kind of opportunistic.  But, someone has to provide these.

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