Light your Way with a Flashlight Stun Gun

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:23 PM

You can literally light your way to safety and security with a Flashlight Stun Gun.  There are many models available with different brightnesses and different amounts of stun protection.

One flashlight stun gun that is wildly popular is the ZAP 1 Million Volt Flashlight Stun Gun, model ZAPL.  This flashlight is so popular for a few reasons.  One, is that the casing is an extruded aluminum casing that is very heavy duty.  Just holding the stun gun let’s you know how high quality it is.  Second, the brightness of the multiple LED’s really casts a bright light into the dark night.  Also, the 1 million volts of stun power delivers a high level of energy to any attacker.

Carry the ZAP flashlight stun gun when you go out.  Not only can you light your way easily with a high quality flashlight that is rechargeable, but you can also protect yourself and your family.  Check’em out today!

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