Little Red TASER C2

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:01 PM

I know, that’s a play on Prince’s Little Red Corvette, which I happen to like.  But, hey let’s have some fun.  I wrote earlier about a Red TASER C2 I came across in a pawn shop that I’ll be sending my Dad.

Well, I just did a test fire on the TASER C2 and it works like a champ.  The Laser was a little off so I repositioned it.  But, once that was done, I packaged it up with the necessary accessories and it’ll get shipped out here this afternoon.

My Dad will be able to carry the TASER with him as he’s out walking and when he’s going in and out of stores.  He’s in a suburb of Dallas which has very high crime.  In fact, I can remember when I lived at home with him, the house was burglarized a couple of times while I was growing up.  And, I can remember another time when we were out walking his two Chow Dogs.  A car drove by and we heard a quiet “whiz” go past our heads.  We’re not certain the caliber, but we’re pretty certain they people in the car had just fired a 22 caliber pistol at us.  We hauled butt…..

So, here’s to you Dad….protect yourself!

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