Police TASER

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:47 PM

The newest Police TASER on the market is very, very cool.  Its model number is the TASER X3D.

The new Police TASER X3D is a mult shot electronic control device, aka shooting style stun gun.  It can fire up to 3 separate shots and pulse the stun power individually to one, two or all three cartridges, if they are deployed.

The Police and other law enforcement agencies are the only markets able to purchase this new model.  TASER generally has lines of stun guns for the consumer markets and separately for the law enforcement markets.  Of course, the Police get the best of the best.

They should.  They’re the ones who are, all shift long, subjected to the probabilities of encountering criminals.  People who are hopped up on drugs, adrenaline or whatever are repeatedly attacking police or running from them. The officers are trained to use only the necessary force to stop the suspects and they generally do just that.

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